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Tuesday, July 27, 2010
Oh crap~

It's just a gap of 1 day's time and Im already back to the emo mood....
Shoo shoo... He's not even showing any gratitude and sorry for hurting me..
So, Why should I b feeling sorry and pity towards him??
Oh gosh~

Wad am I doing?
Lolx... my soft heart is atacking me... seriously...

Hate it!!!
In a bad mood and emo-ness...

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

3:12 AM

Sunday, July 25, 2010
After got scolded by " somebody"

Teng gonna call off this plan....
Teng gonna say...
" I give up ..... Goodbye!"

I shall make this the last memory already...

p/s: thanks to my besties WS,SY,SJ, n SQ for u all the support...love u all =]

Thanks for everythng...U're all my besties.... BFF's 4ever...n sorry for all the trouble

hope there's no regret....
lastly..the owner herself...

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

2:56 AM

Saturday, July 24, 2010
Im a lil confused and depressed and in fact lost my study mood.. Im 100% clear of wad i am doing is absolutely wrong.. But, what can i do? Im so pissed off and totally out of the mood to do anythng.. At last , I managed to pump up my courage to send him a msg after for so long.. I sms-ed him bout whether will he be going for tkd on sat (24/7/10) ..he replied me he seldom attend tkd already... Then i asked him..,i managed to ask him..y would he delete me from his fb n msn...
Guess wad? His reply was a short one and simple yet, mean..." Coz I don admit tat i noe u"

My last replied to him was... "dec until now.. u duno me? wad bout those tat u nvr chatted with them b4? u admit them as ur fren but not me.. "

Yesterday -saturday (24/7/10)
i was on9.. and my fren WS to0.. i told her bout this... She told me that actuali she knew why he deleted me alrdy.. She told me... She went to ask KS bout Jk.. Ks told her .. Jk thnk v2 are not match and he dont know bout my stuff ....
Same reason.... " Wat did I do to make u felt like tis?"

Justnow morning -Sunday (25/7/10)
I was in the class with WS to0... We chatted awhile bout her outing wit her partner^^ (congratx) to her... ^^ im happy for her..seriously am...=] Then we did chatted bout JK... She told me...
"Actually, Ks felt that "he" still likes u.. He still gt feel towards u.. Cuz he cares bout u... " I was reluctant and I replied " who say?" Her replied " Ks told me tat "he" knew that u got band 4 for muet.. and is upset bout it..He told those sitting behind...to not to ask u bout ur marks... cuz u're unhapi bout it... And Ks said the prob is he has no confident of himself "

Based on these...
What do u think I should feel or do? I knew..practically and generally both of us is indeed not so match.. But, Who cares? As long as you know u like me.. and i like you... At least, We can improve together ... I wanna told him this face 2 face..but I never got the courage..

" JK... I know your weakness.. I know u're no faith of yourself..I know ur studies is bad.. I know ur temper is bad.. I know ur jealousy.. I know ur coward ,but basically only coward towards me.. I know ur bigger than me... I know... I know..Everything also I know... But, I don't mind all that..
Im not that perfect either... I know with my ability and appearance, I can get a better choice.. But, do you know what I want? What exactly I want? You love me for Who I am, So do I.. I love you exactly coz who you are... Can't you see it? Yes.. I admit .. At first, I thought v r impossible cuz of our differences ... But, Throughout our communication... I realised I wanted to b the one to b there when u're unhapi... or happy.... I wanted to b thr to help u in ur studies if I can... I wanted to b thr to tel u .. u're great. when u're lack of confident... I wanted to b thr when u nid sumone's support... At least, Let me know that U will change a little just becuz u love me.. Don't give urself excuses that u cant change... it's not u cant, is u're not willing to... JK... Shuldnt I say u stupid? Are u blind? The more u hide... the more u hurt me n urself... I know ur intention.. u hurt me just to make me hate u... I don't want all that.. Becuz of u..i hurt myself... I know I dont deserve all this... I reali do... Just like What I always tell Aec ge.. I know wad exactly i shud do... I know basically I can get over this ... Its me choosing not to give up... not to lose hope.. But, Why would u choose to give up? becuz of u..i risked a lot... Eg, my family.... But, why? the outcome is so disapointed? I wanted to hear from u that u're sorry... u're not gonna hurt me again... JK.. How can u possibly make promises to me and break all of them..?? every single of them!!! It's the 3rd time.. If u reli love me..How can u possible do this to me? U promised not to hurt me again...You promised that Im the only one.. You promised to tel me everythng.. You promised me not to boycott me again..!!! JK... wad r u doing?? "

Im such a coward... I can't even say any of this in front of him..not to mention dont even have the chance to confront him....

Goodbye... Im sorry... I've brought up so much of sufferings and sadness to u...
Goodbye JK... i wish u're happy everyday....
Goodbye....my first love....

p/s: Apologise to my beloved family...

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

11:26 PM

Friday, July 23, 2010
Today marks the 22nd day of grief...
of me towards him...
Today marks the end of all the griefness...
I shall end everything before its to0 late..
After all...
I knew that he loves me to0..
Yet, Under some comunication errors..
There's no way we can get any closer..
Perhaps he's rite..
After all..
Im always doubtful of myself for choosing him over the other..
Perhaps he's rite...
I've chosen the wrong person....
N at last.. Im really letting everythng go..
Teng promised Mr.W.K already..
That this will be the last time..
Im going to tell him tat im sad cz of Mr.J.k

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

8:23 AM

Friday, July 16, 2010
After so much of struggling....
I never got What i wished for.. nor does him...
At last...
Both of us finally decided to let go...
He deleted me from his every contacts...
I managed to see this just before he reset his settings...
Which means...
this is the last time..
I can view his contents...
Yes,,, He is cruel..
Deep inside..
I knew that..
He , too bleeds terribly...
The 1st time
The last time
In public...
I love you...
His last contents that i managed to see..
know we both tried,and gave and gave.
but in the end,u cant have what isn't meant to be,
u just have to smile and move on gently.
the harder it gets,as days goes by,just thinking his name,makes u cry.
perhaps meeting someone new helps u realize,
...u were always falling for the wrong type of guy.
moving on is easier but part of u never will,
he was your first love and part of u loves him still
Though I finally decide to let go.
But your taking a part of me with you.
A part that I'll never get back.
Its a piece of my heart.
No matter who replaces you.
...You'll be the one that that holds that piece.
So my heart will somehow always be empty.
And i know its impossible yet still i ask,
Can i somehow get that piece of my heart back?

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

1:13 AM

Thursday, July 1, 2010
If you were in my shoes, do you thnk you can understand my current feelings?
I dont even know wad had happen..
Wad's the cause of all this..
Its the 3rd time u stabbed me in the heart...
Of everythng cn turn back..I wish I never met you..
So, I dont have to change myself for u,...yet, the results is so disappointing yet unbearable..
I wanted to you this..
"I hate you so much"

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

10:38 PM

Thursday, June 17, 2010
I have no idea ..why would I be doing the same mistakes again and again..Where is the courage and inspiration coming from? I've got no idea.. Really confused.. Today, I skipped work. Stayed at home doing my RP with my two classmates, Kar chee and Woon See. We did run off from our RP and chat and play around with Facebook. That's no doubt. Kar Chee asked "him" to take the photostated RP of yong seah-another classmate's to my house. Honestly speaking.. I've got 2 mixtures of different feelings at the same time. Curious yet, uneasy. Weirdo me. After all... I saw his Msn Shoutout.. I really wanted to ask and confront him to get an answer. Yet, I've never got the guts to. Till justnow..
I've no idea where the bravery came from. I texted him via msn " actually i got something to ask you" He didnt respond and I texted again and said " It's ok. Nothing already" Im going insane. Im clear cut that he's not my cup o f tea. But, why do I have starnge feelings? Why? I dont want all this!!! Yet, He didnt take any initiatives nor actions if he is really repent of the things he did.

" Falling in love with you, is my fault"
" Rejecting you, is my wrong"
"Huring you,is Im bad"
" You hate me, is understandable"
Everything is done..
If I just simply can act like nothing has happen..
Then Nobody will know it...
The holiday is going to end
I've just dont want to go back to the school..
To face all this reality..
If I say Im ok..
Sorry, Im telling you a fake answer..

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

2:33 AM

June 16 2010...
A memorable day..
For us all...
So-called 1st gathering for some of us..
A total of 10 Ex- convent Students..
All Glowing bright...
Some went for form 6, some went for colleges..
And some even when after working lives..
And, here we are...
All gather , safe and sound...
Gathered at Autocity- Ice Ice Baby..
It's really a memorable day..
Once lost..
Now found..
Once strange
Second close...
That all tie us together..
Is the closeness of bonds that is built in the word...
The virtues..
This is a treasure...
That all of us shall treasure...
Nobody knows...
When is the next gathering will be..
Tomorrow? Tonight?
Next week??
Or even ,,,next year??
Nobody knows...
We shall put all those moments into memories
"Pictures are not captured for a beautiful tool...It's captured as a permanent memory"
To those...
Going for training...
Going tor new study life..
Going for new working life..
I hereby,wish you all..
"All The BEst"
It's as simple as that...
But, remember...
No matter where you are...
We shall be united and that's where we shall stand on^^
Muacks..Hearts u guys..

* YPSTTL* Our Past Initial Trio
* The Gang *

* Owner and her "play play" dadi *

*pretty Lads*

*Together We are United*

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

2:20 AM

Monday, June 14, 2010
Yesterday my dad's birthday celebration was held in one of the restaurant in Chai Leng Park..
The food there was ok only...
There were about 8 of us...
I've got not so much of pictures to show up..
Below are some...

The cake..~taste not bad~

~different types of durian..Ah Tan's present for my dad~

Lastly,the owner herself..^^
~The dress for the night~

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

8:18 PM

I've got no idea ..
Why and how..
This can happen to me...
The feeling of lost...
The feeling of disappointed...
The feeling of drowsiness..
Suddenly, everything comes by...
It felt so empty and lonely..
Yet, so familiar and quiet..
I've got no idea..
How and when..
There's a spark of light...
Right in front of me..
There's a sweet yet, mystery voice...
Called upon me..
As thought,there's someone waiting for me..
Or,is it my illusion??
Or, Am I just dreaming?
I closed my eyes..
Listened to my own heartbeats...
Its pumping very fast...
Really fast...
Everytime I heard the voice..
It's calling me again..
I felt it..
The feeling of warmth..
The feeling of closeness...
Yet, so far...
I opened my eyes...
In blurriness..
I saw a pair of hands..
Flawless, smooth pair of hands..
Held out to me..
As if calling for me to wakeup..
Yes..I heard it...
It's calling my name..
I can see the lights again..
It's very bright..
Slowly, I held my hand towards "it"
With a gush...
"It" pushed me out...
Im out of the darkness..
Im no longer lonely..
Thanks to my Angel..
My mother..
*love u..for always being there for me..*
*even for the next generation..I wish Im always Your daughter*
*i know u're not going to see this*
*but,this is a poem..im writing for you*
*love u forever*
*more than anything else*

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

1:37 AM

Today's my Daddy's big day..
Should I wish him??
Yeah..It's weird...
I know..
But, What can I say...
Everyone has his/her own weakness in her/his glory life..
So..same goes to me...
I have to0...
To do or not to do?
MR.William Shakespeare once quoted..
As if Im a poetry girl..
Am going to have dinner with my family tonite..
For HIs bdae...*smiles*

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

1:07 AM

Sunday, June 13, 2010
this movie really made me cried a lot...T___T
u guys should watch it if you havent...
*thumbs up*
Xia Yi Zhan De Xing Fu
Autumn's Concerto

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

9:00 AM

I just logged on to facebook justnow..
I saw someone's status updated...
I should have congratulate him..
But, somehow..I got no idea why my heart ache...
I've got no idea whether is it because of the movie I am watching...
Or was it something else....
Its been some time since Me and Him being "strangers"
not even frenz, nor simple classmates...
We seemed much more like ignorant to each other...
avoiding each other most of the time...
He's status has already been updated into " in a relationship and it's complicated"
Should I go and congratulate him? or should I ignore it???
Why do I felt so...so...~
I just dont want this feelings...
Go away..
Leave me alone!!
I've got no idea why....
I texted my fren,SM...
Wanted to talk to her...
But,her hp got no credits....
Am I so stupid??
I wanna let go of this feeling...
The feeling of being weirdo and akward...
Contineu my movie...
It's a sad,romantic love story...
It made me cried a few times...
YEt, its good for me to release thou...
"Autumn's Concerto"

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

6:01 AM

Uploaded my
♥ Momo ♥ Darling's QQ pics...

His "hair" was long at that time...

Caused him hurt his eyes...

Pity him nia..*weeps*

Then ,sis suggested me to sacrifise my hair clips for him...

So I did..^^

Momo tried very hard to get it off..XD

But, its way to0 strong for him...


So, here are the photos...

Anyway, he has his hair cut already...

His eyes.. are really big^^

Adores him....

♥ Momo ♥ The Lil bro of ✖ Cuppy ✖

Lastly, the owner herself....
♥✖♀ღ Elaine ღ♂✖♥

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

4:42 AM

The 1st week of my holidae.. I've skipped my PP class...
I went to KL wit my mum n sis n also her fren..
He's also my mummy's staff worker..
I had a great fun wit them...
*hearts them*
overnite at my aunt's house...
Aunt and Uncle brought us to had our so-called supper...
Aunt called crabs for me...
And we shared..
*fully full*
That's where I had my first love for breads...
But,its fried bread^^
the next morning..
after dropped by at Joess jie jie shop...
My mummy's franchisor..
We seeked for shop for pedicure^^
And 3 of us...
did pedicure..
Its my 1st time
At first felt weird and akward ..
being treated by others
due to rushing of time...
she hurted my toes..
at night..
we drove up to GENTING to meet up wit uncle and auntie
checked in..
and then we separated ways..
me and sis and her fren,Steve gor
went to play...
had great fun...
Steve even helped me to earn a DINO back^^
then 3 of us'splay rounds..and exchanged a small DINO baby...
I guess..we spent around rm100++ for playing
then we had supper at MCD...
and me and sis "ta pao" KFC for mummy
when mummy came
she told us a bad news regarding our relative..
then at early midnite..
we drove back..
we didnt even slept in the hotel room...*sigh*
the ROOM was extremely big!!!!
can fit 10 person...
that nite was only for aunt and uncle..
bad news..
i've got to pen down...
Will upload pictures when I got them out^^


"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

1:30 AM

Thursday, June 3, 2010
After all this while....
I reali thnk that I've been in the wrong class...
or perhaps school...
I've got accepted and rejected at the same time...
Boys or girls..
Its still the same...
Being human being after all..
with 2 eyes, 1 mouth and most of all "feelings"
How cum...
Some can unhesitantly hurt you wit heart...
Some unexpectedly show you with angers with no reasons...
Some even worst...
Plunk through our hearts with love yet... they are the ones cut our heart apart...
And those quietly... stares at you wit hopes...
that you might wan to know them...
Im serious about being caring and friendly towards all of them
yet... sadly..
I ended up being hurt and at the same time hurting people...
After all...
Being caring..is it a crime???
Its always been there in me...
Should I abandon the virtues of being caring??
Let me know!!!
I hate those that hurts me!!!
Yet, I hate myself for hurting them...
Its not like me being myself after all!!!
Luckily its already holiday..
Or else...
I gotta shed my face from them...
I wanna hide myself!!
Get them out of my mind!!
Rip them apart...
As if...
I can....
*cross my fingers*
Just crapping at here...
Wanna go to have my lunch already...
Btw..today is Teacher's day celebration..had fun wit classmates thou
Today is the end of our mid year exam
Starts of our sem break...
End of me being caring and sms-ing so much
Starts of me being phobia of guys...
So long
pen down...

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

10:38 PM

Monday, May 31, 2010
Never forgive people that once hurt you...
Never shall we trust people the person that betrayed us...
Never shall we forget the pain that they give us...
Yet, the soft heart beneath always control our heart...
To decline all the above...
Making us failure towards all the above ....
Shall I say Im stupid after all...

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

5:55 AM

As I mentioned, Im posting up the photos of my form teacher's photos^^
Sweet memories ♥ them lots...Muakxs

My lovely classmates... All not ready...

The 4 Birthday girls...from left Shymala, Pn Shoba, Mei Theng and Suei Cheng

The birthday cake.. *sad* I didnt eat ..cuz its fruit cake

We were singing birthday song for them^^

* ta--- daaaa*

Our "card" made by Kah Cay for our teacher

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

4:03 AM

Im free already from my mid year exam...

after all the enduring sleepless nights...

At last, Im free....

I breathe slowly and pants softly...

For the whole afternoon..

I was in a relax mood...

Relief mood..

Till when I read thru my fren's post at fb..

And I saw a person commented there...

Then only I realised..that "tat person"..

Stole my mood away..

I was like ..H.u.R.t

Totally no mood and speechless..

The post was something about a stupid girl accepted a bad boy... and my fren felt sad for the girl..

from this post..there's something fishy there...

I really wanna cry out and confront tat person...

But, Its no longer useful...

I reali wanna say...

"Hey you!! I H.A.T.E U!!"

But, deep down ...

i LOSE!!!

i cant make myself even think of hating anyone...not to mention "tat person"

I have no idea why and how...

Enduring the pain and keeping my heart silent ...

Its like killing me softly and slowly yet CRUELLY!!!

Nothing can explain the feel that Im having rite now!!

I really wanna hide myself in the corner...

Being invisible rite now!!


the owner herself....

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

3:38 AM

Wednesday, April 21, 2010
Counting down the days to my MUET test...
ok let me count rite now..
I have exact 1 day and the half..
erm..roughly 29 hours 25 minutes...OMG!!!

Hey Peeps...
Im freaking nervous here...
Im retaking my test...
And I dont wanna flunk it!!
Erm..actually I did not flunk my MUET test...*blush*
The results is just not what I wish for..
I meant that *shakes head*
Erm.. Band 4 is actually good...
But, I simply wanted to get a Band 5...
Yeah..Im aiming high..
*just trying my luck*
Why would I be blabbing about me being nervous??
The reason is very simple..
My language ability is downgraded...
Seriously...101% Im serious..
Just like what I mentioned earlier...
"My Mandarin improves... My English DOWNGRADES"
Good news? Or Bad news??

* heads down *


Im retaking..yet!!!!
I have no tuition..no exercise..no study groups!! No nothing!!
So, How can I achieve my target???
Im shaking!!
What else???


And,im wasting my time here again!!
*crossing my fingers and pray hard*

By the way,
My day in the school was fine..
I've got some "live" walking sticks..haha...
Basically my dearest friends...
We had a great day.
Celebrating 4 super star's birthdays..


* Pn Shoba.. Sue Qing, Shymala & Mei Theng *

How lovely..
Our class was crowded with laughters..
We snapped photos..
But,say real..I dont think so..
That I wanted something like this on my birthday
It's way TOO embarassing!!!
Im telling u first..
Save your pockets!!
*cross my finger that NO funny looking photos of me being posted up in FB*
But, I promised..
I wont forget all of the "princes and princesses" of 6 A2^^
MUAKss..♥ all of u!!!

If I ever got the copies...
I will post them up...
And, Lastly...

The Blogger, herself..

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

1:23 AM

Monday, April 19, 2010
Forgot to mention about my current ✖Injured condition

Let me start it off...

Saturday (Our School sports Day)
Everything went quite smoothly.. Most of us were in charge in helping the teachers there...
The events all went smoothly to0.. Witnessed our school students running and performing..There were the marchings, teacher play and the TKD show...
I had fun with my classmates to0.. spent most of the time with my besties,See Jien..
Then we managed to sneak away partial time and helped around with my the other groups of friends, M.Theng, S.Yen, En Gie, G.Ting, W.See, C. Yee and M.Shin... Then we rested in the classrooms.. I've even got "perli" over some matters ...where they caught me watching "something".. nah.. forget bout it..
Then we had our account tuition... It's been a busy day for me and them...
The incident occurs after my tuition..its evening.. Im just back from the tuition class not long...

This was how it all happened:
I went my bedroom.. Walked towards the balcony.. Chit chatted with my "kakak" .. then I just walked in back to my bedroom!! It's so simple!! I've got no idea why and how..when I accidentally kicked my bed's side.. and ended up having the broken piece of wood stucked at my toes... "Disgust with pain" !! At first I thought it was just being put in between the toes..so i tried to get it out and to realise its inside.. And then the rest is history!! Thanks to my "kakak" for helping me to pull it out and pushed the dirty blood out!! OMG!! It's freaking pain!! I cried!! no doubt!! Then, my parents and my sis drove me to a clinic to wash the wound!! And I got myself an injection!! The doc said its to0 deep.. T___T
Till now.. I cant walked properly..Really needs a walking stick's help!! I missed my Sunday's tuition and Tuesday's school day..Luckily Monday was a holiday.. SIGH!!!
Now, still in pain and needs people's support to get downstairs.. I cant wait to see my day in the school tomolo(Wednesday).... *cries*

__What a bad luck Saturday___
I dont want to get a long scar at my feet!!! *OUCH*
Seriously, With my fair skin..Its so obvious with a long scar at there!!!
And another thing, seriously, there's a hole right now in between my toes...!!! YIKES!!

I will just stop here..actuali i have some pictures...
But, no idea whether to post up or not..
Lastly,the blogger herself....
Being self-obsess again..^^

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

9:26 PM

Its been some time since my last update in here.. No doubt that my page is getting more and more rotten and full of ferns or whatever mushrooms..

There's so much that I wanted to voice out... Simply to0 much and even in a few days ..sitting in front of the pc typing..I wouldnt even finish voicing out my feelings rite now
So,Let me introduce the new me with newly update and editted pics.. Its much more easier to describe the situation..

Yeah..My new look.. My new image is being emo... So going to b emo... No more guessing.. Im currently having a shattered heart.. There's a missing puzzle in the heart.. But, Im sure time can help me to search back the missing part.. Having tonnes of stress for upcoming MUET test..
You hear me right.. yes!! I retake!! For Heaven Sake.. I retake!! *sigh* Actually, Im regretting right now.. I seriously got influenced by my current school's condition and peer pressure really works its way on me.. My mandarin IMPROVES ... my english DOWNGRADES!!! Oh great!! LOL.. The test falls on the Saturday this month!! So, I've just have to cross my fingers and pray hard... I simply do not want to get back the same band..or even DECREASE the band.. I've got a Band 4 right now... *prays hard* if I can ever get back my usual English level..to either maintain the grade or increase it to *pls..let it b band 5* SIGH!! and my MID YEAR test is coming up..
I dont want to wait for the dying day.. but, Im freaking lazy!! Oh gosh!! Can somebody wake me up from my fairytales daydreams???? OH MI GOSH!!!
*Pens down*
Teng Teng

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

8:55 PM

Thursday, December 31, 2009
Im back to blogging again..today is the last day to remark the year 2009...
New Year Ahead,New Revolution,New Beginning...
N not to forget...its mean the starting of the everything...
All the memories happened in the year 2009...
will remain as memories already..
1 year past...
im not going to admit im "older 1 year"...xD
so let me start it with morning...
wokeup quite early this morning..around 6 sumthng..
ya..no corrections..its early morning..not 6pm k?
n Heaven's sake..i slept at 1++ in the morning ystrdy..almost 2 perhaps
so,i wokeup tis early is because im heading to the PG airport
my mummy n sister are flying to KK..
i meant Sabah
yaya..they have sum "business" to deal at there..
sigh..this year countdown..without them
what to do???=(
anyway....im spending my countdown time at home...
bro went out with his frenx..
perhaps heading to Sunway Carnival Mall
frankly speaking...
in actual fact..im suppose to b counting down there to0..
my collegue did ask me...sigh
*teary eyes*
good sign..as im spending my time wit my lovely dear popo
so,who know's maybe 2010..my relationship wit dear her..will be closer??
love her so much!!!
*hugs her tight*
BTW...gonna miss my beloved mummy n sister!!!T___T
cant wait to see them on the 4th of JAN...
why is it so long ??
oh ya..people..i change my hairstyle..
after redo my hp...will upload the new hairstyle pics..^^
hope its nice n suitable for me like wad they praise^^
ystrdy happened sumthing..
made me realised..
im reali very fragile...
i tend to protect other's feelings..i abandon my own feelings..
am i so soft hearted??
its very hard for me to even judge myself now
i can simply blame myself for everything...
how insane am i....
but,i've learnt a meaningful lesson..
bt,its also a new phobia for me for the days ahead
especiali in school times..
hope everything goes smoothly...
*hides myself at the corner*
let me pen down here,

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

3:00 AM

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sheue Lih n Me

Saw Yen, Me n Mei Theng

Sue Qing,Saw Yen n Me

Sin Wei n Me

Engie n Me

See Jien n Me

Yen Ping, Me n Sin Wei

Me n Shammilah

Mei Xing n Me

May Ling n Me

will upload more

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

2:33 AM

to0 much of memories to0 be written out...

recent outing.. before xmas was my outing wit Serene jie n Ah Tan sifu to MengKuang Dam

so i will just like pictures do the talking^^

the rainbow^^

while jogging...there is soft little rain..so me n serene jie shared an umbrella^^
anyway...mr.sifu..insisted to bring us for DIM SUM
after the jog!!!!
LOLX...i wanted to exercise to diet...
i stopped here then...
will update soon...

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

1:59 AM

Friday, December 25, 2009

OMG!!!! my blog is officially dusty n smelly nw!!!!

i really nid sumtime to reconstruct it..before it got rottens...xD

so many events been happening...no matter happy or sad...t0o much...meanwhile...MERRY XMAS to everyone out there...n awaits for the coming blooming properous NEW YEAR!!!!

24th december 2009

Xmas Eve...

everyone's busy wit the upcoming xmas...so after work..me,bro,sis,mum n sis's fren..went to have dinner at KAPITAN rite opposite the sbrg jaya BILLION...after dinner...

they dropped us off at SUNWAY CARNIVAL MALL....

i companied my bro to search for his xmas gift..^^ met n so called "bumped" into Steven Ko..n his so called "gal- fren" xD....they went to watch movie n countdown^^ so back to me n my bro...we walked around searching for gifts..n people around thought v are couple xD

especiali when v walk to search for my gift..he gave me a belt^^ i wanted it..xD...love him loads...then met up wit Sky..my sifu..he drove us back..and the incident in the mall was exciting..but kinda long to describe..so before went home..we dropped by at MCD's..my gosh!!fully booked...so we gt our orders and into the car...super duper clumsy me...i spilt the whole milo inside the car floor...So embarassing!!!!... yaya...that's so humiliating..im so sorry to mr.Sky for his generosity t0 treat me.. TQ anyway...back home..everyone was busy wit packaging theirs gifts!!!noisy n hot!!1 xD just like i mentioned...it was tiring but exciting...i slept at around 3++am..talking wit bro..n there's sum big mistake that i've made..i'm so idk!!! ouch!!! heart sickening!!!T_______T

25th december 2009

Xmas big day!!!

to0 much to describe..and time is limited...will describe further wit pics at the next log on^^

but i wish every xmas day upcoming will b the same...

" Xmas has been my family's tradition..and v celebrate it everyone although v r not Christians..

our celebrations for Xmas is not simply celebrations for the sake of Xmas...but Tis celebrations meant a lot to me n my family...I love the to bits...and till the end of the day^^ i wish that every xmas day...we will gather like this and celebrate it together...no matter hw busy v r...we will gather together...even when v r all grown up...families shud cum first^^ muakx...love u all lots..forever n ever^^"

just like wad my sis mentioned..."Even in the future...when any one of us having bf or gf...we shall all gather together..as FAMILIES comes first..n the rest cums 2nd...and v shall ask our significant half to join us to grow the family bond together^^ ...."

it's so MEANINGFUL!!!!

n i Hearts them and every one of them...


Merry xmas to everyone of u out there n ur beloved ones^^

lastly,the owner of the blogger herself^^

the recent me^^

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

11:11 PM

Sunday, September 20, 2009

wad is music to everyone??or should i say wad is music to me?

im an average pianist...

do i reali love playing piano??

again~ music...wad is it mean to me?

music is a combination of notes...treble clef,bass clef ,alto clef and others...

sometimes accompanied with sharp,flats or natural one..

black keys or white keys...

easy or hard..

long or short...

thats the general opinion of whats a music with piano like..

what i feel n understand about music...


a way to release stress and express my own feelings..

sometimes when im sad...usually i will play sad songs...

in actual fact..i shudnt have played the sad ones..


the more i play the sadder i will be..

isnt it so simply??

whenever im bored or angry...

piano will stand still ....

allow me to express my feelings...

piano the music instrument..

has since becum one of my part...

however...i have no deny..

that i am yet to search my true soul in piano..

time will let me learn more about myself with my piano...

love her lots....

to bits...

baby snow...xiao xue...with her piano..baobei

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

7:39 PM

Thursday, September 17, 2009
Hey..im finally back..after my blog had been monopolised by mushrooms..XD

Firstly...*ahemx* being so formally pula..XD
wish u guys Happy Raya n to most of us~HAPPY HOLIDAES!!! yESH!!!
ok la..with sympathy...i will miss u guys my clazzmates..XD

let me start of wit my classmates...
A lot of "princess" n "princes" in our class6 B2
XD...im "one " of the "princess" XD
im glad that i have make up good frenship bonds with most of them...
my tablemate, See Jien ..a nice girl...can say..most of the time v were together.. bt nt clinging arms with arms yet..XD v r both "goody" prefects...XD
the Gang.. Guat Ting, En Gie & Shi Yee...
sumhow...guat ting..the xiao mei mei.... En Gie the ta jie...XD Shi yee?? erm...no name yet...thou at 3 of them..i kind of more close wit Gie n Ting..yesterday Ting gave me a new nick..lolx!!! Xiao Xue...~small snow?? Adui...hehe..so end up calling each others wit the "xiao"
....Xiao Ting....Xiao Qi....Xiao Xue....Xiao Jien...XD.....
the other GROUP....consist of Chia Joe,Sue Ching,Sheue Lih,Woon See,Mei Theng,and Saw Yen
All this "mei nu"....always chit chat n "ha ha" at my class mia...my class full of their laughter mia..class grow lively cuz of them^^ thou...Joe...my "shoe stealer" keke...Sue the Qing qing..KEke...Saw yen the slow n cute wan...and the rest also...
my classmates Indians...LALA group..XD
Shymala n Shammilah...the other is vizhalah..sori..can rmb how to spell...
Shammilah..currently same duty with me...quite small cutie...
Shymala the monitor..n Vizhalah the oways absent one..XD
n for the boys...
got sori if i mispell ur names..
Kar San,assistant monitor...Ang Chui,Yong Keong,Jin Kuan,Hong Jie,Kah Chee,the assistant head prefect,Zheng Lin,(Chin Pei,Chee Tat,Yong Seah,and another one..reali sori...i cant rmb the name....) the 4 ta tian wang..XD....
not to forget..my good good fren..Kar Chee...nonit to mention about her much..cuz she's my old fren....and the others are...Yi shuen, Afiqah,Kah Cay,Meng Ting(the tall girl),Swee Min,Mei Xing and another new girl..sori im short term memory..LOLX!!!!
ok la..happy holidaes..
gonna miss u all...

stop here first...

Lots of Love,
baby Snow...Xiao Xue.....

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

7:44 PM

Wednesday, August 26, 2009
Nowadays my mind seemed so blank and uncertain..although it is not really black or white..i have no clear mind on whatever thing i am doing..i have no idea in wad am i thiking about..
Studies?? ermm..not reali .. Holidays?? not reali.. Friends?? ermm...perhaps a little.. Love?? o.0!? Families?? yeah..always do.. School?? nah...Work??errr..perhaps... I have really no idea what has been playing with my mind... something got stucked there..but im not sure what it is...
I have always been uncertain about my own life.. Just like what I used to think about life after death...does it reali exist?? I reali have no idea..and nobody know anything bout them.. Im worried actuali.. not bout anything but losing my families... I adores them to bits.. Erm...lets not talk bout tis...I dont wanna go down to teary eyes again.. Back to studies... Im kind of worry bout my accounts.. I cant reali cope with it... Back to the last.. There is no account tuition other than Mdm Gan...everyone go there...lolx... sigh...no escaping...but my schedule cause me some minor problem... I dont really know la.. back to justnow...
I guess I make a major mistake..during my converse wit Mr Bear..erm... kind of simply talk.. talk nonsense..hope he dont reali mind..and think that im just kidding bout "it" .... Single now...is the best la..haha... Dont wanna get tangle again.. although i never really get involve wit one... i dont have the 100% trust in love actually...had a converse wit mel mei..she advised me..that love is oways there...true love is out there...but no idea..im a little doubt it..haha..
anyway.its late already..i better go get some sleep..tomolo nid to wakeup earlier than usual...so ciaozz...

POsted By HeartLess BaBy sn0w...

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

9:21 AM

Sunday, August 23, 2009
its been sumtime since my last update^^
anyway...hereby wish everyone HAPPIE HOLIDAES!!!!

i've just finished my grade 7 practical piano examinations which was held on the 21st august 2009 at Sunway Hotel..my examination took place at 12.22pm noon...was examined by Mdm Heather Bricks..A nice,friendly examnier... thought my performances was not very satisfying..hopefully she will at least let me pull through it..*im crossing my fingers for the results* the next mission is get a prefect DUET piano song...the song that me n my dear, En Gie gonna perform for our Form 6 dinner...actuali Kc asked me to perform solo..erm..basically almost every year..im surely to perform something with piano for school activites..since my secondary school started..adui..haha..for a shy person like me...i will tremble like a leaf leh...the other day..im so unprepared when my fren Kc suddenly pulled me to the piano n asked me to play for them..tat time actuali was my fren ,Mt playing de...i reali nervous lo..even Sm can see my hand reali shaking de lo...haha...sia sui..wad to do leh...they all looking at me mia wor...so i was playing through memory the song entitled "Marriage De Amour"....but i didnt successfully played the whole song...as i tend to forget when i got nervous..haha...so hopefully i can perform perfectly with my fren for the dinner...Kc wanted me to perform solo n duet ...aikx...she look to0 highly on me ade la..haha...ok la..i stopped here first..wanna prepared to go to work already^^*everyday chatted wit Mr C..kind of friendly n nice guy^^ but noti....haha..hopefully he dun sees tis* *blinks innocently*keeke..wakaka

pens off,
Baby Snow

"You leave me SPEECHLESS, when you talk to me."

8:46 PM

""Hi.My name is Elaine.Or you can address me as teng teng.Im turning 19 on the 26th of oct 2010.I adores pink and my beloved families very much.Coming up next is my baby dolls..Nothing much to describe about myself.Im an innocent and naive person or just read throught my profile to know me^^

Wishes Own Lappy, Everlasting Happy Families, Hello Kitty Whole Closet, Great Results for STPM, Own Camera hate. Wannabes, Hackers, Betrayers, Playgirl/Playboy, Smokers,


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